LED Furniture Hire

If you have never seen a room decked out in LED furniture, you are in for a treat. Latest technology means that light is no longer hot and so a surface can be lit safely even though it is going to be sat on or leaned against. This has opened up a whole new range and LED furniture hire is a cost effective way to make your special occasion one which your guests will never forget. LED furniture can be cool white or disco colours, changing from one to the other, static or pulsing at the touch of a button, thanks to the dmx remote which comes with any set of furniture hired from us. Completely wireless, this is a safe and fun way to take your room setting from formal daytime to really amazing night.

LED furniture hire comes in a whole range of different styles and sizes. LED cubes are a great way to introduce casual seating that also looks amazing. Poseur tables, a must these days in any bar setting, look totally magical when dressed with a Lycra table cover and lit from below with LED lights. Some people very cleverly use the furniture for a fairly formal buffet or cocktail party, wowing their guests by turning on the lights at dusk. Depending on the use the room is being put to, there is no need for any other lighting and photographs look amazing, especially on a low speed exposure. No one will ever forget your LED furniture.

LED Cubes

LED-cube-hireLED cubes hired from our range are a sure fire way of making your venue look spectacular. Even just a few cubes dotted around a room as casual seating will look amazing and when they are all set in colour change mode it will make a mesmerising display. All LED furniture on hire is totally safe, being wireless and controlled by a dmx remote, which is supplied complete with batteries. This means there will be no accidental switching by your guests and of course LED lights don’t get hot in use, so the cubes will stay comfortable all night long.

There is no real need to have lighting in an area with LED cubes, as they are quite bright in themselves, but if you want a little more light, perhaps for safety if there are lots of doors or unexpected steps, the LED fairy lights which are very easily and cheaply obtainable come in the same shades as the cubes and so a coordinated look would be very easy to achieve. Grouping the cubes together in a chill out room for a long reception going into the evening is a very special touch.

LED cubes look spectacular in any setting, but are perhaps most suitable for a young guest list; although not very low to the ground they have no backs, so may not be the seating of choice for older people. Teaming them with ice chairs would look fabulous as the ice chair acrylic material will pick up the colours from the LED cubes.

LED Poseur Tables

LED-poseur-table-hirePoseur tables are a very popular choice for dressing a room for a special occasion, either for a buffet or for drinks after a more formal meal. Taken from the idea of the bar table, they are high enough for an average person to lean on in comfort and usually about four people can use them at one time. A real twist on the poseur table is one lit with LED. The light is diffused with a Lycra table cover, which is stretched down to fit over the feet and the bulbs shine through, giving a magical muted light.

LED poseur tables are completely wireless and the light can be controlled by a dmx remote, also wireless and there is a variety of options. The lights can be left on one colour permanently – the choices are white, or more or less any other colour of the rainbow – or can phase gently from one to another. It is easy to switch from one mode to another and there are no switches on the tables so your guests won’t suddenly find themselves in darkness by touching the wrong bit.

Using LED poseur tables you will probably not need other lighting, but if you feel that you need a little more, the coloured LED spectrum is generally the same across any product and so you can keep the ambience the same when using fairy lights or LED cubes. Ice chairs put near to the LED poseur tables will take up the colours and will add to the magical atmosphere.

Poseur table hire

poseur-table-hireMany venues, even the humble village hall or club usually has a range of tables and chairs and with the addition of some nice crisp hired table linen and chair covers these can end up looking very nice. What very few venues have are poseur tables, tall bar tables against which your guests can lean briefly for a chat and a drink or can sit at on bar stools for a longer chat. Poseur table hire is the best way to get the best models out there for a very reasonable price.

For an absolutely amazing look for a casual cocktail style evening reception, you could combine a poseur table, a lycra fitted table cloth and some LED lights, completely wireless and controlled by a remote control. They can either be white or colour changing and you can totally guarantee that if you dress any room for any occasion with these, your event won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

With the trend for all day weddings becoming more the norm, many people are just invited for the evening and it looks very welcoming to make a special area away from the more formal dining room into a bar, with poseur tables, hired for the occasion. Bar stools make the picture complete but if there isn’t room it doesn’t matter; simply choose poseur tables to hire from our selection with a foot rest and your guests will be comfortably set for the evening.