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Furniture Hire

poseur-table-hireFurniture hire is a really cost effective way of dressing a venue that might need a bit of cheering up. Weddings can be very expensive as everyone knows, with the venue eating up much of the budget. By hiring furniture you can be sure that you get a coordinated look at a reasonable cost and everything will look spanking new, clean and fresh when you hire it from us. There is nothing that brings a room down to bog standard than tired old furniture – take it up to the absolutely stunning with some fabulous LED furniture or some amazing ice chairs.

When you hire your furniture all from the same place you can be sure that everything will be in proportion. Everyone who has attended a wedding will have experienced the table too high or too low or the chair with the rickety leg. When you hire your furniture, everything has been checked and mended if necessary and it all looks great with no scuffs or signs of wear. Depending on your budget you could indulge yourself a bit with some fabulous LED cubes or some poseur tables which light up the room in all kinds of ways.

Furniture hire is so much more these days than simply ordering a seat for every guest. With receptions going on all day and into the evening, different ambiences can be created even in a quite small space by using LED cubes in the cocktail area and the rather more elegant ice chairs for formal dining.