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A nicely matched set of chairs gives a touch of class to any setting, whether a formal dinner or a more casual buffet or cocktail seating plan. Ice chairs are a reasonably recent arrival on the scene but have already become a firm favourite with many venue planners as they can give an absolutely magical finish to any room or marquee, actually reducing the need for other dressing of the space, thereby proving themselves to be a very cost effective choice.

We have a large range of banqueting chairs in all kinds of shapes, so there is bound to be something to suit the look you are after. It is even possible to fit ice chairs into the most classic setting, as they come in shapes such as Napoleon which echo French eighteenth century furniture, yet the acrylic construction makes them totally 21st century. The beautiful chiavari chair is a first choice for many weddings as they come in a wide range of colours to suit all occasions. They look absolutely stunning and have no need for a chair cover to hide their incredible beauty.

Some venues can provide a certain number of chairs only and in this case a small number of extremely striking chairs such as the taller Napolean ice Bar stools which go with the poseur tables would make a very striking statement at reasonable cost.

Camelot Limewash Chairs

Limewashchiavarihhire-Camelot chairs are a great choice if your venue has an outdoor feel, such as a large conservatory or one of the more unusual venues available such as a Botanical Garden or a Zoo, which frequently have a lot of planting inside. Equally, they would be very much at home in a marquee.

The turning on the back and legs of Camelot chairs is designed to replicate bamboo and the limewash chiavari chairs from complete the look by giving the impression of a Colonial setting with pale and elegant colours. If you are going for a Thirties Deco effect, these chairs would add to it very well.

Camelot limewash chairs look equally good in a formal or an informal setting. If used for banqueting chairs, they will be comfortable right through the meal because of their padded seats and would really look lovely with pastel flower arrangements on the tables. The limewash look is very popular  and takes the ‘newness’ off hired furniture by softening the finish and any country theme would look lovely with these chairs as part of the setting.

Because of the ‘joints’ of the ‘bamboo’ which decorate these chairs, the limewashing is particularly effective, drawing attention to the details but in a very subtle way. Camelot limewash chairs would be very suitable for any formal event such as a wedding banquet or civil ceremony.  

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